Enterprise Workforce Transformation

The Challenge isn't in developing a Strategic Plan ...It's in the Execution!

At its core, successfully executing your organization’s strategic plan involves three key elements – people, strategies and operations  The most critical of these elements being the people...your organization's workforce.
Enterprise Workforce Transformation is the process of transforming your current workforce into the workforce you need in both the short and long-term to successfully meet your milestones in executing your strategic plan.
Each corporate goal and objective generated by your organization’s mission and vision creates a ripple effect. These ripples often have significant impact on the very nature of your workforce and the programs and systems that support it. 
Identifying, defining and preparing for this impact, while also optimizing your Return On Human Capital Investment (ROHCI), is what TWG’s Strategic Workforce Planning is all about.

Strategic Workforce Planning

TWG’s approach to Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) is a proactive process of change management, designed to equip your organization with a workforce capable of successfully executing your short and long term goals, objectives, mission and vision.
Our proprietary methodology ensures our clients’ strategic plans are executed from a human capital standpoint.  TWG’s comprehensive approach to transforming the enterprise-wide workforce is unlike traditional staffing and recruitment workforce planning.  In addition to recruitment and staffing, our SWP allows our clients to rapidly identify and manage the impact of the organization’s goals, objectives and vision on its culture, corporate structure, human capital programs and systems, capabilities and capacities.
TWG’s Strategic Workforce Planning process and tools provide your leadership team with:
  • A clear picture of the magnitude and scope of the impact your goals and objectives will have on your workforce.
  • Actionable, enterprise-wide workforce strategies targeted at the execution of your corporate vision.
  • A series of practical action plans tailored to managing the workforce change process.
  • Short and long-term business planning to optimize your human capital investment in people and programs.
  • Context around the use of analytics and internal and external business intelligence.
  • Stronger recruitment, development and retention efforts.
  • Improved communication of enterprise vision and direction.

TWG's Strategic Workforce Planning Optimizes Your Return on Human Capital Investment (ROHCI)

Strategic Workforce Plan (SWP) Delivery Methodology

  • SWP - Train-the-Trainer Workshops

In an intensive, one-day workshop, TWG trains your team on how to implement your own Strategic Workforce Planning effort using our proprietary methodology and tools.
    TWG’s tools are easy to use and will assist your organization in evaluating action plans for impact on the workforce - making the navigation of your change management process easy to follow and transparent.
    • SWP - Implementation

    TWG provides an onsite customized Strategic Workforce Planning engagement using our proprietary methodology, tools and subject matter expertise to deliver a complete Strategic Workforce Plan that is in  sync with the corporate vision.
    •  SWP - Project Management
    TWG provides Professional Project Management Services for all implementations ensuring a reliable and consistent implementation delivery… on time and within budget.