Community Workforce Transformation

Your community’s competitiveness in today’s global economy is dependent upon one universal currency, TALENT. 
But not just any talent...your community needs the right talent with the right skills, at the right time to meet industry and workforce demands.  Once the industry sectors, occupations and associated skill sets have been identified using accurate and comprehensive labor market intelligence, a clearly targeted sector strategy for develping a sustainable talent supply is needed.
The development of a sustainable talent pipeline closes the skills/talent gap and creates a workforce competitive advantage for your community... allowing for implementation of business /industry recruitment and retention strategies that ensure local economic strength and well being. 
Considering the intense and ongoing competition for business and industry in today’s economic environment, there has never been a more important time for a community to collaboratively target their limited "talent development resources" in the most effective, efficient, and results-oriented way while delivering a maximum return on this investment (ROI) for the community.

The Whetstone Groups' (TWG) community workforce planning (CWP) solution, Linking Economic and Academic Development (LEAD) thru Workforce Innovations© is an innovative and powerfully proven collaborative sector strategy model that understands ... tomorrow's workforce is in today's classrooms.
What does a LEAD initiative do for you?

Industry -  Builds a sustainable talent pipeline coupled with a reduction in training and certification costs

Education- Engages high school graduates with marketable skill sets (national industry recognized certifications) and postsecondary credits

Economic/Workforce Development- Creates a marketable and economically sustainable community with a competitive edge in attracting diverse businesses and industry

LEAD is a valuable tool for any community (local, regional, state) committed to transforming the existing workforce to meet future market demand for talent.
The LEAD model ultimately creates an incredible return on investment for students, businesses and the entire community.

"Tomorrow's workforce is in today's classrooms."

Community Workforce Planning

Linking Economic & Academic Development (LEAD) Through Workforce Innovations

TWG’s LEAD Through Workforce Innovations© seamlessly incorporates secondary and postsecondary (K-20) Career Education Pathways as the vehicle of delivery for  talent pipeline  development. 
A LEAD Initiative...
  • provides for effective collaboration between key stakeholders of industry, workforce development, economic development, and education. 
  • leverages the strengths of each stakeholder to create a seamless end-to-end solution for building an organically grown and sustainable talent pipeline for industries identified as vital to the local, regional, and state economy. 
  • utilizes the K-20 education system, through the development and implementation of LEAD model Career Pathways, to produce students with the talent needed to meet the community’s workforce needs and return on investment.
LEAD Pathways/Academies are literally transforming the landscape of your communities' workforce of tomorrow!
There are no geographical or demographic barriers to success!  TWG's LEAD model Career Pathways have been established across the country in:
  • Public School Education Systems
  • Charter School Systems
  • Residential Department of Juvenile Justice Facilites & more
LEAD model Career Pathways have equipped students with marketable skill sets (in-demand nationally recognized industry certifications) and articulated college credit from a variety of geographical (from Metro/inner city to rural school districts), ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds including:
  • Mainstream & AP, IB College Bound
  • At Risk
  • Title 1

" LEAD Pathways/Academies are literally transforming the landscape of your communities' workforce of tomorrow."

LEAD is rapidly deployed and yields consistent results
in the development of a future talent supply.

  • TWG-CareerSource FL IT Talent Supply Chain project:
TWG partnered with Florida's State Workforce Agency,   CareerSource Florida (formerly Workforce Florida Inc.), to
develop a state-wide Information Technology Talent Supply
Chain effort. 
The project is targeted at giving students the
opportunity to participate in an IT Career Pathway in middle school and seamlessly continue the pathway through High School. 
Since the project began, middle school students from
25 different school districts across Florida have cumulatively earned more than 3000 nationally
recognized industry certifications from IT software
giants Microsoft and Adobe.  
  • TWG-Dublin City Schools, Dublin, GA:
TWG established the 1st stand alone middle school Information Technology Career Pathway in Georgia, with 7th and 8th Grade students producing 40+ industry certifications within the first semester of operations

TWG is making a difference in student digital literacy and the Information Technology Talent Supply

Call today for more information on how you can transform your community's workforce and bridge the skills gap using
LEAD Through Workforce Innovations !