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The Challenge isn't in developing a Strategic Plan...It's in the Execution!
Most organizations regularly participate in a Strategic Planning effort to identify strategies, goals and objectives for future business growth and profitability. However, in a recent American Management Association article it is noted that an "estimated 60%+ of all strategies are not successfully executed".  It is widely recognized the challenge in execution of the strategic plan often lies in human capital/workforce concerns. 
TWG's Strategic Workforce Planning is a proactive process of workforce change management, equipping your organization with a workforce capable of successfully executing both its short and long term vision.
Tomorrow's Workforce is in
Today's Classroom!
The development of a skilled talent supply pipeline directly linked with the area's economic and workforce drivers (current and forecasted) is essential for communities to compete in today's
global economy. 
TWG's LEAD CTE Pathway Model, for establishing K-20 Career and Technical Education offerings, is ensuring students have the opportunity to earn relevant, marketable skill sets and is changing the complexion of the local, regional and state workforce - ensuring communities have the talent supply necessary to successfully implement their business expansion and recruitment strategies.
Need Additional Resources for that Upcoming Project?
As you endeavor to execute the goals and objectives of your organization's strategic plan, it is often more expedient to augment your efforts with outside resources.
TWG has a long history of providing our clients with accomplished business professionals, who possess in-depth subject matter expertise in a variety of areas, as needed for strategic initiatives/projects spanning a broad scope of business sectors, operations, processes, technologies and people.
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